Osiris Divan

Osiris Shrine is blessed to have this dedicated group of men as officers. Each man below, with the support of his Lady, spends countless hours volunteering his time to insure our temple operates efficiently. The Osiris Divan is an extrodinary team, with each individual bringing another skill and unique perspective to the group. When their experiences are combined it creates an unparalleled force for good.

Illustrious Potentate Jack J. Walters
Chief Rabban Scott Long Assistant Rabban
John Paglialunga
High Priest and Prophet
Jeff Hawkins
Oriental Guide Greg Hoit
Recorder Ray Meloy Treasurer Mike Moore

Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master
Bruce McNeil
2nd Ceremonial Master
Eric Hamilton
Director Sammie Tate Marshal Marc Phillips
Captain of the Guard Bob Neidert Outer Guard Jake Hielman

Emeritus Chaplain Ray Helbling

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Osiris Email List

Nobles and Friends, we have created a brand new email service which we will use to keep you informed about important activities at the shrine. You can add your email address online here.


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Upcoming Events

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